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The Handwriting Tool to Help Improve Fine Motor Skills During Tablet Time

SET Technology LLC has developed a new and innovative writing aid to help children practice the correct writing grip needed for success in school and life! Here are just a few ways the Hold It Write™ stylus for kids helps to prepare your child for writing:

       Exposure to Handwriting Practice

With 78% of households with children under eight using a tablet, children have a high exposure to technology at a young age. Our handwriting tool is a fun way for children to be exposed to the proper grip required for handwriting. The three ergonomically placed buttons encourage the tripod grasp, the gold standard writing grip. Only by maintaining pressure on the buttons, can a child interact with their touch screen. The child also knows they are holding it “write” when the light at the top turns on. Our handwriting tool gives your child early handwriting practice and is really fun for them to use!

      Develop Fine Motor Skills and Dexterity

By encouraging the tripod grasp, the Hold It Write trains the delicate muscles in the hand that are required for writing. With a majority of school time spent drawing and writing, it is important for children to have strong and coordinated hand muscles. What better way to help train their little muscles than to allow them to have fun on their tablets, with a Hold It Write™ in hand!

We want to encourage screen time to be fun and educational. But we also understand the importance of real, technology-free play! Here is the pediatric recommendation for screen time.  During that time your child should definitely be using a Hold It Write™!

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