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Simple Handwriting Practice for Kids

Resources and Ideas to Improve Fine Motor Skills

Handwriting requires specific, meaningful and frequent practice. Along with direct handwriting practice, children should be exposed to fine motor activities as well. Whether engaged in writing or hands-on play, the activities should be fun and motivating! Motivation has a direct effect on attention, effort and learning. Just look at the capabilities of a child using a touch-screen device. Because the devices are fun and motivating, they become proficient rather quickly!

In this article we’ll share our favorite blog pages that provide amazing recommendations for not only handwriting practice, but fine motor skills development. We’ll also share our own solution that helps children practice their handwriting while they use touch screen devices!

OT Mom Learning Activities is an amazing resource for parents, teachers and therapists who want to understand the important skills needed for handwriting. The page includes the various skills required to write, and includes information on how to help each of those foundational skills!

OT Toolbox has some great resources with “tips, tricks and fun ways to improve handwriting.” The page even includes free handwriting printables!

I know, another Occupational Therapy Blog! But OTs really are equipped with the training and know-how for handwriting skills. The Anonymous OT is slightly more complex, but it provides some great pictures and insight on handwriting grasps.

Hold It Write™: The Stylus for Kids

The Hold It Write™ is a writing tool that encourages your child to engage in handwriting practice during meaningful and motivating touch-screen time. With this writing aid, children can practice the handwriting grip needed to write efficiently. Make tablet time productive and educational! Join our Pre-Order List to receive monthly updates as we build our innovative writing aid for children!

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